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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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what they're going to do. that's normal to have. >> it's trickery right there. they have to get them rallied around the bates and rallied around clinton. we will see if they can do it. i will see you tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern and back here at 4:00. meanwhile now the five. >> >> it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> less than a hyundai toss go and both campaigns are dealing with problems on the trail. we will get to hillary clinton's stunning remarks on the scandal and gaza. first trump faces backlash and the father of a muss limb american soldier that was killed in iraq and delivered a speech at the dnc.
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>> what sacrifices have you made for the country? >> i have worked very very hard and created thousands of thousands of jobs. tens of thousands. built great structures. i have had tremendous success. >> when i employee thousands of thousands of people and take care of the education and so many things. even in the military i raised and have raised millions of dollars for the vets. i'm helping the vets a lot. >> he helped whether the wife that was silent on the stage was allowed to speak as a muslim woman and slammed trump for criticizing his wife. >> for this candidate for presidency to not be aware of the president of a gold star mother standing there and he had to take the shot at her, this is ignorance. this is total in capable.
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i want his family to counsel him. teach him empathy. he would be a better person be if we should become, but he is a black soul. >> okay. so both had roughly sunday shows and talk back and forth with the family and the trump campaign and the con family gain and then mike pence making a statement on behalf of donald trump. >> i mean obviously the trump camp tried to, you know, massage the situation and clean it up. it's a very difficult to be in a situation like that. mean it's like the third. you don't even touch the comment on a gold star family. there's to where you can go with something that's so sacrificed like a family that's lost and made a huge sacrifice with losing their son by serving this country to protect the liberty and freedom. we have been specific on this show when we have said that we believe that we want to be partners with the muslim
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american communities, help serve and combat about radical extremi extremism. those are the people that we want to build the bridges in and y united and compelled and fight terrorism on our shores and abroad. with that said, when you have a family that's lost a son, it's very very difficult. you have a mother that's standing there and she is in honor of the fallen son, that's a powerful moment. yes, it happened at the dnc, but it's about us being americans. i they they tried to clean it up and make amends for it. it would have been better if nothing was said at all. >> yeah, they were trying to clean it up. what's the best way to clean it up if it's been said? >> well, like a full apology if
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he believed that he was sorry for it. there are a thousand and one ways to have said something that was taughtful and honored to make a point. there are a thousand ways that i can write it. he picked the one way to crap on them and then accuse others of making a story. he ke appreciated a five day story on this. he is facing the weakest c candidate and he is a wrecking ball with his campaign. forcing others to twist themselves and dispar rage families that he is not here in the country legally. maybe he is doing something illegally in the work and helping people to get the visa's, it's appalling. when you have the vfw the veterans of foreign wars and they have 1.3 million members
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and saying that this is unacceptable. now, donald trump is performing very well with the military and white men but underperforming in every other other category. he cannot underperform with the military. this those is a way to say i have been looking for a way to support you and even e if it's just for the supreme court, but like this, it's so despicable. i have a lot of relationship with a lot of gold star mothers. when she spoke at the republican convention and tracked clinton, the clinton camp may have wanted to respond, they did the right thing and did not say a word. that would have been better for donald trump and the kahn family. i feel terrible for what you have been through. >> i have a son and cannot imagine it in any way and defending the country and i am not defending the comment by trump and offer a devil advocate
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to this. hillary clinton was the one that voted for the iraq war. the kahn's son did in the iraq war. was that the place for them to put this out there on the dnc stage? >> sure. the man wanted to speak. he was in the tricked. he spoke on his own that he wanted to make a statement about the fact that he said that they're in the fight of terrorism. he said that my son and i would not have been in the country if there was a ban on the muslim and then held up the constitution and said that there should be no religion test in coming to the united states and serving. his statement was heart felt. i don't see anything.
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you say that you wanted to play devils advocate, so what do you think? >> well, the thought of losing a son any way shape or form is heartwrenching. i think that donald comes out and speaks the mind and when he saw the push back and the outrage, i think that would have been a great time to say sorry. >> yesterday he was tweeting about this. >> yeah, i would put that off for a little bit. >> the doctor says that he knows him and an unbelievable guy. if you serve, you're a cut above. loses the life in iraq, and by if way the war was the right war execu executed poorly and finished up strongly and then in the streets. so now all of a sudden to say that it's a big mistake and that the iraq war and what happened.
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i think that's bad. number two about this and trump -- i hope he does not blame me for that. let me clarify my statements again i am worried about the refugees coming here and in the mix they may be jihad in the there or san bernardino. he never said that muslim americans are less important than italians or german americans. we have 5,000 that are active now and 14 that have lost their lives and just as important as any american. he is not in the corner in the fight. he never said that muslim's american are a problem. he is worried about who is coming here. that's where the controversy is. >> i they he did get in trouble saying the reason that the wife was just standing there.
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>> no, he said that maybe she was not allowed to speak. my first thought is why would you say that? he should learn not to attack other people's wives. >> remember -- he can't see beyond the stereotype. he comes back and says this is really about fighting radical islam terrorism and not understanding that somebody lost their life man. >> no one is defending it. i am pointing out and playing devil's advocate. don't shoot me on this. losing the son i would never say. >> yeah, there are a lot of things that he cannot say because he has children. what do you think that he should have said that was good and an example to george steph
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stephanopoulos and he said that i would sacrifice. i think that i remember rudy giuliani saying on 9/11 the major of new york at the time gave a press conference and they said how many are dead, and he said more than anyone can bare. donald trump could say that i could never compare anything and i just want to honor captain kahn. done. it's not hard. >> can he does it now? >> well, people can smell a fake from a mile away. the other thing that they tried to do is change the topic and we're going to talk about it later in the show. let's see how it's going to be rigged by the debate system that's been in place for a year.
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>> what is important is the republican leadership and everybody is going back to the john mccain and the comment that was made and mccain says that he is the republicans nominee and he does not have the license to convey and the best among us. you get paul ryan going back and saying i have said that this ban on muslims is wrong and all u.s. service should be valued. i mean this is really down ticket and all around. not good. >> final thoughts? >> yeah, kain came out and announced it and should represent the party better. they all just left the door open, so mike pence has walked it back in a professional way in the statement. >> i thought that was weird. if a vice presidential candidate
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is trying to say we believe this. >> everything about this is weird. >> yeah. >> it's the election cycle. >> maybe the thing that you said they believe mike pence that's well respected and a goodman. >> yeah. >> leaving it right here. hillary clinton stands behind the benghazi and stands behind it and discredit the mom. details on that and more when the five returns. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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will, the media is erupting and hillary is getting a pass in the press after continuing to call benghazi's mother a liar after the emotional speech at the rnc. the first post interview on fox news sunday and clinton was blamed on the attacks on the internet video and disputedme f
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>> i understand the grief and loss that can motivate that and as others have said that's not what they heard. and that's everything that was. >> yeah, that's the leader and then that's the job and -- >> all right. now to buy yoon.
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>> well, i would say this that they handle the it in a way so that's what you want. they did not say that i know that they did not say that. others say that and matthews does not show some of these, i guess subtle too and they say that they call this and you don't care how she felt. that's some of the behavior. >> yeah, i never understood how they could say the families were lying at the adover. two grieving families hear the same thing and report it. to me they did not have time to cord were nate the lies about the video. that's what the entire administration was saying. i find this one from hillary clinton hard to believe.
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>> and awful, right? >> yeah. >> saying that the grieving families that have lost someone and there's a lot of evidence making the false statement is bazaar. >> yeah, it would be the same sorry had it not been the other excursi excursion. >> yeah, it does not excuse it. >> she said that she made the statement in the air hanger. she also e-mailed her own daughter that very night saying it was a terror attack. so she is telling her daughter that she have sense found one thing and then telling the families something different that the democrats don't care. they don't trust her, and they don't care. they're going to vote for her. on the interview chris wallace destroyed her saying that i did not know that i was sending classified e-mails and then he plays the sound bite of where
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she did. so we have two in stances and we have pointed out and donald trump decided to go out after friday and make the comments and then four day stories and then that's don and instead of hillary clinton lying gain. >> yeah, it's a consistent statement. if you're on a trial you can show the in credibility to show that the person is a liar. we have more on that in your block coming up. juan, what do you make of this? >> well, she never called pat smith a lie ar. what she said is listen, i am though t totally in sympathy with someone losing a child. others support clinton and other families support pat smith's
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version of events. that's what we know and can report on. we do not know that hillary clinton one said it or called pat smith a liar. >> you can have it both ways. >> yeah, if i call you a liar opposed to brian was in grief and there was confusion, that's one thing. to say that you lied, pat smith blamed clinton for this and the death. >> she was not alone in saying that. >> yeah, i am saying -- >> you can t blame the video. >> all i'm saying to be fair is that there's an in consistent report here from families of fallen people. i don't know for sure. >> yeah, we know the whole administration and the client was the individual crow. >> yeah, that's a different issue and we can argue that amen and amen. yes, they pushed the video with
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regard to libya -- no, i don't think that's consistent at all. . i think that if you said to the families this is what happened. she is not only saying about the video but blaming of the death of shawn. >> yeah, what is on trial is when she told the family members and her own daughter. >> what they were in regard to and that's coming out and the memo of the white house. do you remember that stuff? that's politics. speaking to someone that's a grieving mother is far more personal and direct. if she was going to come back and said that you lie today the mother, i would have a strong negative feeling. i don't think that happened. what i do think is happening is that a false e kwquivalencyequi >> do you -- >> well, i don't think that we
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know. there's something she lie and he lied, no. >> it's like a selective family consideration to say okay we're upset here in this case about the conflict but not these that lost a loved one. when you think of hillary clinton really in close proximity making a statement on what happened and what she knew went on and sending the e-mail, that's the closest time frame from the actual terror attack that she says exactly what happened. it's later after they spin it and politisize it and try to make it resolve from any responsibility that they put out the push the video and then go to the fraud of the american people. that is appalling and that's what she did with the families and she lied to them even though that she knew the truth about what happened that night. what's what it is. >> so they came up with a knarr ti tif that they wanted to peddle and then they really knew what was going on and the e-mail to clinton's e-mail saying that he
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was terror. >> yes. >> again, what we're talking about here is what happened when the body is coming back when the bodies are coming back and said to a grieving mother. there's in consistency that we do not know about. i will give you this one -- >> based on the facts at the time and then it's in an e-mail and then the time of the terror attack and there you go. it's not until much later and then it changes. >> okay. i would say to show me the e-mail. the one thing is that she is not going lie to chelsea about it. good grief. flag on the play. >> it was benghazi. >> we really must go, but we can talk about it another time. i am sure that we will. directly ahead clinton claims that she is trustworthy. the stunning remarks and the e-mails prove otherwise. would the scandal cost hillary
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the election? we will continue.
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a survey shows clinton leading and yet she still has to improve on the reputation of being trustworthy. clinton addressed it on fox news sunday. >> i have work to do to make sure that people know what i have done and what i will do. i feel very comfortable that the more people learn and what i have done and not the character, but the real deal as my husband said in his remarks, they will understand why i was e lelected twice to the united states senate and why my former opponent president elect obama trusted me to be secretary of the states. it's fair for the americans to have questions.
2:30 pm
i hope that you will ask donald trump why he is so untrusted fwi american people. >> is this the reason that people find her untrustworthy. they makes a claim in the interview. >> the fbi director said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> that's not what i heard director say. i thank you for giving me the opportunity to in my view clarify. director comey said that my answers were truthful and it's consistent with what i have told the american people. >> they gave clinton four pa knock owes and they said that she was truthful about her e-mails. one, the racists ties last week and this is an issue that continues to dog her. does she have a problem going into august with the trustworthy issue? >> well, it's not been addressed. she had a problem before and she has a problem now. i think of course it's getting
2:31 pm
driven home and comparing what everybody can see in terms of the statement verses her statement. now, her campaign dana is saying wait a minute. she is talking about her testimony to the fbi and her sworn response and the questions coming from fbi agents and comey did say that she did not lie to the fbi. as the fact check er points out and everybody else points out is the issue that she made to the american people. i they people are saying that she is sly or slick or around the edges, clearly there's something that smells here and that's why people -- >> that's one long nose. >> yeah, kimberly, that's the issues and everybody can see what director comey says. he did not meet with her directly. when she says that's not what he said, i don't know if she was listen to go the same
2:32 pm
conference. >> we do know what was said and he talks act you being careless and reckless. all of that was not a good moment for her. she knows that. it comes off gain as having a loose relationship with the truth and the fact. she is trying to spin it and it's one of my favorite things and i want to thank you for the opportunity to answer the questions and she was on the fence and then it's like nailing it down and that was a powerful moment. again it was a revealing one and the credibility and trustworthy then and this is why the eggs are full and you have people saying not going to buy it. >> nine out of ten voters for trump and nine out of ten say that they're solid and going to vote for the candidate. the undecided is the remaining. >> in dependence is the undecided. that's important but chris
2:33 pm
wallace followed up her saying that's not what i heard comey with the word saying no, she sent and received classified e-mails. i'm not sure where she heard and did not hear it. thank you for clarifying you know that you're in the spin zone and going to spin it to the high heaven. final thought is that both candidates had a chance this weekend and hillary could have said i should not have done it and ended it there instead of spinning it to i did not do anything wrong. >> yeah, you're right. >> and then so what and you can get to the rest of the interview and how does it feel to be the first female. it was the same opportunities. >> there was a practice to never get in trouble for something that you did not say. >> very true. >> there's evidence that they were extremely careless in the handling of highly classified e-mails and seven e-mails
2:34 pm
changed with top access. that's the fact and the conclusion. people say that trump is reckless with the words and they're probably right. she is reckless and just the same presentation. this is reckless and irresponsib irresponsible. she knew that she was running for president and still did something as dumb as this. she has to leave herself exposed. if she is the most honest person, why would you do this? get out of there and don't do anything wrong? be a good secretary of the state and everything would come to you. >> yeah, she was not charged with a crime. comey said that there was no crime. >> by the doj. evidence is there thousangh. that's the problem. >> well, there's no evidence and they would have. the polling is that the numbers and favorite blt numbers went up. >> obama's went up by five
2:35 pm
points last week. >> and she we want up and to eric's point right now trump was in the lead among in dependence and now they're even. >> she makes obama look good. give him a bounce. >> that's what i'm saying. >> backing two different nominees and are taking heat for getting political. did they cross the line? we're going to have that debate and that's correctly ahead on the five.
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welcome back. should former leader take the stage? it's been stirred after a trump adviser spoke at a republican convention and a clinton supporter spoke at the democratic convention. in a letter to the washington post a former chairman said retired officers had no business playing in politics.
2:40 pm
general jack agrees. >> i strongly agree with general dempsey. i do think that it's inappropriate behavior. you're not calling me jack or mr. keane. you're calling me general. you're doing that and because of that respect of the institution, we have a public responsibility to be very careful about maintaining in dependence. >> meanwhile general keane pushed back -- >> 26 former presidents that have served in the former military. so for someone to say that general's should just dry up and go away is a disservice to those of us that serve in a various capacity. does a governor of a state stop being a servant to the country in other ways? i feel that i owe more to this
2:41 pm
country, and from what i have seen and experienced and learned and what i have witnessed, it's true in the last eight years and certainly with the dishonesty of hillary clinton. enter who else am i going to turn to on the panel. >> bryan was here and i disagree with jack keane. he had four goodyears and four bad years, and we had general iz how er. the more that you read about it, he was the right guy at the right time. i thought that the military background gave him respect and i thought with the pentagon. i understand with the we aarine. flin has so many positive qualities. the last thing that i want is for the military to go from the battlefield to washington.
2:42 pm
>> well, the former joint chief says if there's one to launch a coat, it's the military. it's important to keep them away from the politics. >> i think that's a little bit of an exaggeration. i had grant and ar chur, zachary taylor and collin powell. >> why could you not be happy for me? >> well, i think that you read dana's notes. >> i think there's a difference in retired and active duty. you don't see active duty saying anything. you see some as reservists and also michelle, maybe. i'm not sure. she maybe as well. i think that we're better off for their continued service, but i recognize that they would fight for the right to issue our
2:43 pm
opinions and they should have the right when retired from the military. >> yesterday, we took it to another step and you have george stephanopoulos interviewing trump and trump says putin has not gone into ukraine and george says they're already there. trump acts if he does not know this. what was the reaction? >> well, i think that he clarified today. what he is saying is again, you put me in this spot to defend what trump was saying. what he said today was he was talking about going forward and work with putin to not go into ukraine further. >> so he is sounding like he is giving it to russia? >> i don't know. for the record, russian's are not in the rest of ukraine right now. they're not uniformed in. there are some people that say that ununiformed. can i -- i agree with dana and brian and i would like to see flint for the vp for donald
2:44 pm
trump. just to know that you have an advis adviser. >> considered. i agree that general -- the one that -- no, our friend keane. >> ding ding ding ding ding. >> what's the difference in going to politics or speaking about politics. >> on television. >> i agree and say that we love you and want to hear you on tv, but i want to hear the generals on the political flplatform. >> well, the one that spoke at the -- >> dnc. >> he said that the run that he spoke was because trump would say water and that's something that's illegal. >> well, you don't need to get to the convention for that. and his interrogation that's not illegal as we know. >> and he said that trump insulted the military saying that the american military is deteriorating. >> okay.
2:45 pm
well, you're giving the talking and being selective and saying that i want the general to speak on behalf of clinton -- >> no, i'm telling you . >> -- but not if they're on the other team. >> what -- >> there are other ways to voice that. he did not have to go and speak it at the dnc. you stand by the side go ahead and then go ahead and speak and be involved or think that they should not. are they democrat or republican or reform. i want to hear from them, but i have all of the time in the world. >> okay. we have to go. coming up donald trump is upset that the presidential debates are going up against nfl games. does he have a point for crying foul? that's and more when the big five returns.
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donald trump is outraged. two of the three face-offs will compete with televised nfl games. trump addressed his concerns on abc yesterday. >> i don't think we should be against the nfl. i don't know how the dates were picked. i don't know why these particular dates. >> you don't like the dates out
2:50 pm
there? >> hillary clinton wants to be against the nfl. like she did with bernie sanders, whether they were on saturday nights when nobody is home. >> that was true. the bipartisan debate commission isn't budging on these dates, so despite trump's gripes, the big story, guys, monday, september 26, the falcons play the saints. and october 9th, packers against the giants. that's a big game. dana, you love football. >> so donald trump also says the nfl wrote to him complaining about the schedule and the nfl is denying that. but if trump has evidence of that, that would be helpful to see. i also think of the people that have been working for a year at these different locations, because it takes a lot of time and effort and resources to put on a big show like that. these are contractors and subcontractors that have planned ahead for a year. he has to take that into
2:51 pm
consideration. >> 2012, both debates had football games against them. >> you can move the debate by a day or several hours. this is the name knock against hillary clinton with the dnc. bernie sanders said, you know what? they're burying her so they didn't with seen. i'm not saying it's partisan, i'm saying debates can be moved. we're eight, nine weeks away from the first one that's a conflict and 10 or 11 weeks from the second one. >> wait a second, we can't move it because we have to worry about holidays and school case. >> there's a lot of things during that time, including birthdays. >> instead of a birthday, we have a birthday season. >> i personally love football. i want to watch the game. but i want to watch the debate and i want as many people to see it because it's super important in an election. i don't think the nfl wants
2:52 pm
counterprogramming against it. the fact of the matter is, these are against nfl games. so there is a scheduling conflict. >> the nfl could have went around the debates. >> you pointed out, the history here, they've gone up against the nfl debates here, nobody was screaming bloody murder. the reason the donald is, this could be a reason for him to get out of the debates. >> he's going to use this to get the type of moderator he wants. >> you know, brian, this is total bogus. >> most of the people watching the nfl are the conservative right wingers, not the left wingers. >> right wing men? >> no, women too. >> i don't think that -- we can have the world series, religious
2:53 pm
holidays -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> all right. i'm getting yelled at and i don't know the people in the control room. >> let's huddle up. >> "one more thing" is coming up next. i have asthma...
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with whoopi, joy, and the rest of the ladies. i plan on giving them a healthy dose of capitalism. i could use some tweets. tweet me and get your signed copy of this book. >> i think you should emphasize virtue number three. >> manliness? thank you for bringing that up. >> we'll see if you survive this. i can't wait. >> you read the book? >> absolutely. >> a very special occasion today. a big congratulations to my dear uncle james guilfoyle, all the way in county claire, ireland on his retirement today. for 59 years, he's worked for a family business. he joined the print shop in 1957 and has worked there ever since. i want to wish him well on the start of his retirement. good luck and all the best to
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you, uncle james. some of those photos there, that's my grandpa, patrick guilfoyle. obviously the family like to take the shirts off at the beach, at least the men do. >> mr. juan? >> for years ago, my daughter had been on bedrest for two months in the hospital when a miracle happened, two identical girls born. there i am at their birthday party on saturday with pepper and wesley. >> they had a rooster. look at that. we brought everybody in. there they are riding on a horse. it was a party to remember. of course, they had birthday cakes. >> gorgeous. >> so it was a great party. >> dana, you're up.
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>> i had 24 days in july when i was not with jasper, america's dog. but we had a reunion. that was our moment. he brought me his favorite stuffed alligator toy. we got some moye pictures of jasper. that's my favorite picture of him looking for some fish and there were a couple of others. so we had a good reunion. >> he's a good boy. >> congratulations to my brother, got married yesterday. he married kara and it was a great wedding. i believe i took that picture. there they are cutting the cake. it was a big opportunity of them walking down the aisle. it was a great day all around, and my daughters got a chance to do an opening reading. so jim, congratulations. >> i'm going to post on my facebook page, but my uncle james another family member -- >> do they watch? >> they watch in ireland, yes. isn't that fantastic? >> do they understand you?
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>> yes, they speak english. >> we're going to leave it right there. that's it for us. "special report" next. and "the view" tomorrow morning. after a weekend on the defensive on a number of fronts, donald trump tries to reset, preaching economic opportunity in blue collar battleground of the rust belt. this is "special report." washington. i'm bret baier. with the fallout from a sunday show interview still reverberating on casual news, donald trump tried to get back to what his team considers the winning issues. promising to supply jobs to blue collar regions in the country that are demanding big changes and insisting hillary clinton is more of


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